Module nyx_space::dynamics

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Provides several dynamics used for orbital mechanics and attitude dynamics, which can be elegantly combined.



  • Defines some velocity change controllers.
  • Define drag models
  • Defines a few examples of guidance laws.
  • The orbital module handles all Cartesian based orbital dynamics.
  • Defines solar radiation pressure models
  • The gravity module handles spherical harmonics only. It must be combined with a OrbitalDynamics dynamics
  • Define the spherical harmonic models.



  • The AccelModel trait handles immutable dynamics which return an acceleration. Those can be added directly to Orbital Dynamics for example.
  • The Dynamics trait handles and stores any equation of motion and the state is integrated.
  • The ForceModel trait handles immutable dynamics which return a force. Those will be divided by the mass of the spacecraft to compute the acceleration (F = ma).