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Nyx: Blazing fast high-fidelity astrodynamics for Monte Carlo analyzes of constellations, interplanetary missions, and deep space flight navigation.

Refer to for a user guide, a show case, the MathSpec, and the validation data.



  • Provides the solar system planets, and state and ephemerides management.
  • Provides several dynamics used for orbital mechanics and attitude dynamics, which can be elegantly combined.
  • All the input/output needs for this library, including loading of SPICE kernels, and gravity potential files.
  • Re-export nalgebra
  • Monte Carlo module
  • Navigation submodule, relevant to both ground based navigation (orbit determination) and onboard navigation (part of the Guidance, Navigation and Control subsystem) All of the mission design and mission analysis tools and functions
  • All the orbital determination and spacecraft navigation tools and functions.
  • Polynomial and fitting module
  • Provides all the propagators / integrators available in nyx.
  • Re-export of hifitime
  • Simple tools (e.g. Lambert solver)
  • Utility functions shared by different modules, and which may be useful to engineers.



  • Nyx will (almost) never panic and functions which may fail will return an error.

Type Aliases§

  • Re-export some useful things A helper type alias, but no assumptions are made on the underlying validity of the frame.