Module nyx_space::cosmic

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Provides the solar system planets, and state and ephemerides management.



  • The eclipse module allows finding eclipses and (conversely) visibility between a state and another one (e.g. a planet or the Sun).
  • Known orientation IDs defined for ease of access. All Cosm objects may be accessed via Cosm directly.




  • Astronomical unit, in kilometers, according to the IAU.
  • If an orbit has an eccentricity below the following value, it is considered circular (only affects warning messages)
  • Speed of light in meters per second
  • Speed of light in kilometers per second
  • Mass of the solar system from
  • From NIST special publication 330, 2008 edition, in meters per second squared
  • GM of the Sun in km^3/s^2


  • A trait for generate propagation and estimation state. The first parameter is the size of the state, the second is the size of the propagated state including STM and extra items.
  • A trait allowing for something to have an epoch


  • Returns the Delta V (in km/s) needed to achieve the B Plane specified by B dot R and B dot T. If no LTOF target is set, this method will fix VX, VY and VZ successively and use the minimum of those as a seed for the LTOF variation finding. If the 3x3 search is worse than any of the 2x2s, then a 2x2 will be returned. This uses the hyperdual formulation of the Jacobian and will also vary the linearize time of flight (LTOF).